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I Think I Need My Tonsils Out
Do you really get strep throat less with your tonsils out? Ever since I was a little girl, I have gotten strep throat. And still, I get it all the time, and my doctor has never suggested me getting my tonsils out. I think it's about time I do though.

The last time I got strep throat was when I had to travel out of state to Ohio for a funeral. The weather was warm in Alabama, where I live, but in Ohio, it was freezing. I had been feeling terrible the entire time we were there, and on the way home, we encountered many wheather changes. And then our car broke down. I was feverish and feeling terrible, and to make matters worse, we had three crying little kids with us. We finally made it home, and I just went straight to bed.

The next morning I woke up, unable to eat, drink, or even talk. My temperature was very high and by that night, I had cried all the tears I could. We were going to wait till my doctor opened back up on Monday, but I decided I had to see someone then. I went to the hospital, and they said that my throat was so swollen that I was lucky I could still breath (because my nose, too, was stuffed up). He gave me a shot and prescribed many prescriptions for me (all liquid), and even liquid hydrocodine for pain. He instructed me to eat ice cream and similar things so that I wouldn't get dehydrated (which I nearly was), and that's what I ate for two days.

I am tired of having cases this bad, but I don't know why my doctor won't suggest I get my tonsils out (because where I live, they won't do it unless a doctor recommends it). Does it help with strep throat?
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charlie 11-Aug-07
i need my tonsils out as i had tonsilitus and i culd hardly breath!
but the ice-cream was nice
Kenzie 02-Jun-07
i got my tonsils out when i was 3 or 4 and now i'm 16 and i have never had strep throat. so it could help if you got them taken out.
Kenzie 02-Jun-07
i got my tonsils out when i was 3 or 4 and now i'm 16 and i have never had strep throat. so i could help if you got them taken out.
Scooby-Doo 15-Jun-06
Oops. I'm sorry. I sort of posted my own question and didn't respond to the original post. That was kind of selfish of me. I'm sorry about that. Anyway, in response to the girl that posted the message, I guess it's best to see the doctor and see what he can recommend. Maybe there's something you can do to feel better without having surgery. That's probably what I need to do too. Just my opinion. I guess I'm not good at giving this kind of advice since I'm sort of in the same boat. Just thought I'd put in my two cents.
Scooby-Doo 15-Jun-06
Hi, I'm new here. I realize I'm a bit old for a teen website, but I read this post and I found it interesting because I have a similar problem. My throat is hurting 24/7. I always have to have hard candy with me and I constantly have to clear my throat whenever I try to talk. It's very frusterating. I'm sure any doctor would tell me I need my tonsils out, which is why I never asked. Lol. Here's my question: Is there anything I can do to help my throat without having surgery?
df 01-Dec-05
Get your tonsils out. I was 34 years old when I got my tonsils out. Heres my story. For at least 8 years or more I knew I needed my tonsils out. I was getting sick 5-8 times a year. My tonsils shrunk as I got older and left holes in them called crypts. The holes would always fill up with food. I always had bad breath most of the time because the food in the tonsils where decaying. Then I got really scared of surgery so I bought a water pik and cleaned them out almost daily. It really got to be a pain in the butt. Sometimes sore and bleeding from the cleaning. I could not believe the food particles that came out and stink like sewer. I went to two doctors for opinions and they both said if your life stinks get them out. Well I got the courage up and made a appointment after eight years of fright to have them out. Luckly the ENT doctor did coblation which is the method I got to have them out. Its so much better than the old way of doing it. Heals much faster I think anyways. It was very painfull for about 6 days but it was only painfull at night when your sleeping because your thoat gets dry. I was given two strengths of pain killers to take. But during the day it did not hurt that bad. On the seventh day it more less quite hurting and the first time for solid food such as a hamburger I ate. After going through a week of being "down" it was well worth the pain. No more cleaning tonsils, bad breath and most of all I rarely get sick once a year now. Life is so grand now. For starters look at this website for coblation videos and see if your ENT doctor does this or find one that does it. Dont let any doctor take them out go to a ENT doctor that specializes in tonsil removal. http://www.en  m/surge  ry_videos.htm or search google for "coblation tonsils" should give you the idea I'm telling about. Good luck and its well worth the removal.
Kristin 04-May-05
I was told by my ENT doctor that you have to make sure your tonsils are swollen due to bacteria not a virus. If you keep getting sore throats due to a virus then having them removed will do nothing because you will still get viruses.
Amberly 01-Apr-05
Getting your tonsils took out really does help with strep throat. You cant get it if you dont have tonsils cause thats what it effects is your tonsils. Im 16 i had them took out a little over a year ago. The pain afterward was awful but well worth it. I am hardly ever sick and now i only get a sore throat from my sinuses or allergies. I couldnt eat for almost 2 weeks cause i was in such bad pain. My doctor never sugested for me to have them took out i went to a different doctor that told me that i needed them took out as soon as possible. It hurts alot afterward but if you sick alot then you need to get them out.

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