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Help! Infected Ear Pierce holes
I got my ear pierced like two years ago or around there and now they're infected.  It's probably because everyday I change it into these fake silver hoop earrings and then change them back to my regular earrings afterward.  It's kind of been infected for a long time.  It is bloody, crusty, red, and looks like a scar around the hole.  It looks disgusting.  I try cleaning it with the ear pierce cleaner that I bought a while ago.  It only helps for a little.   The infection may be because I touch my hole a lot also because it has become a habit to touch my earrings, kind of as a safety zone or when I feel uncomfortable.  Is there something else I can use? Should my ears still be getting infected?  What should I do to prevent this?  What should I do to heal the infection?  I just hope things go well.  Do you know if an infected ear pierce hole can lead to other situations since bacteria and germs may be getting in through there and flowing by the blood in the body?  I was just wondering, I know it's a weird question.:)
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sally 25-Mar-07
Maybe you should go to the doctors
Erin 22-Feb-03
I'm having this problem also. Just clean it with rubbing alcohol or that Claire's solution and put a "nickle-free for sensitive ears" earring in and try your hardest to leave it alone. Of course, I'm not sure why you're ear(s) is/are infected, but mine was because I had just gotten a second set pierced, and I changed the earring too soon :o\ Good luck :o) --Erin
biatch 03-Jan-03
ok here's what i did last time my ear was infected.. i put my original earring back in and treated it like it was a new peircing.. i know it's a pain in the ass 2 go like, "ya.. i'm just going 2 take it out and get it repierced.. it'll be a pain in the ass but i guess i hafta" sometimes u can't repierce the ear right where it was pierced before. cuz there is this weird healing thing.. can't think of it.. but if u get it repierced, it could hurt like a b!tch and stuff. so just treat it like a brand new ear piercing.. use that claire stuff 2 clean it.. twist it.. blah blah blah. good luck! bye
†·a·­†... View Profile 04-Jul-02
I mean ear loop.
†·a·­†... View Profile 04-Jul-02
If i were u i would let my ear hole close naturally. It sounds like it's beyond help, and I once had my earholes infected, my ear top swelled up a little, and pus would come out of it.

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