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Cheerleading and Scoliosis
About 6 months ago I found out I had Scoliosis. I'm a cheerleader and was wondering if it will affect anything about my cheerleading. I'm going to a specialists about scoliosis on Tuesday March 26., which is the same day as my cheer try outs. Luckily I will be back in time for try outs though. Do any of you cheerleaders out there have scoliosis? If so did you have to get a brace, have surgery, or neither? If you got a brace did you have to wear it during cheerleading? And if yes, did it mess you up? If you had surgery could you still cheer after you healed? I'm really scared I'll never be able to cheer again and that's all I do. I guess I'll know next week what they are going to want to do to me, but I'm worried. Please reply if you have any useful help. Thanks
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nikki 17-Oct-02
i am a cheerleader and i have scheuermann's disease which is pretty close to scoliosis. i go to physical therapy for mine. i am not allowed to do any back bends or stuff like that. i am going to do it anyway but if it hurts i may get a brace. cheerleading starts in a few weeks so i'll find out then. if you want to email me and we can stay in touch and i'll tell you how i'm going my email is tweeter_sftbl thanx byebye4now good luck with your back
Shaunna View Profile 08-May-02
Hey, I'm a cheerleader and I have scoliosis. I haven't had any problems and I have been cheering for a while. If you fly just make sure you have good bases and stuff k....course u should do that with or without scoliosis o~well text
Megan 21-Mar-02
um...i wanted this under the cheerleading section so cheerleaders could respond but they put if here......oh well

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